Jayaprabha’s Page


VLC Director
Yoga Therapist - Energy Healer
Meditation Mentor - Life Coach
Enlightenment Facilitator
Transformational Goddess

Happy Heart Opener

Jayaprabha’s name originates from Sanskrit and was given to her by her teacher Amritanandamayi, (Amma), after years of tutelage. When the name was given, it was translated to mean “Victory and the Embodiment of Victory” as an acknowledgment, mantra, and teaching. Firstly, Amma used the name to acknowledge the spiritual breakthrough that Jayaprabha had directly experienced. Amma also meant to inspire and challenge Jayaprabha to continue to deepen the insight and engage the years of practice needed to fully embody this realization to align thought, word, and deed with the deepest knowing of her being. A more formal translation of the name Jayaprabha is “Light of Victory” or “Victorious Light” .

Since 1995, Jayaprabha Mare has trained, practiced, and lived a meditative and yogic lifestyle. Years of self-inquiry and observation have brought her to a fundamental realization of how similar we all are. By compassionately embracing her humanness, a deeper connection to herself and a truer connection to others has arisen. Meditation, yogic, and spiritual practices assisted Jayaprabha to open to experiencing things exactly as they are, more and more, even difficult things such as deep-rooted fears, faults and failures. This growth of awareness has facilitated powerful transformative change, allowing Jayaprabha the freedom to more fully express herself in the world. All of this has led to the creation of the Vital Life Center in 2008, where Jayaprabha continues to play the role of director, teacher, therapist and coach.

Jayaprabha's teaching style exudes a grounded wisdom and a warm, loving awareness. Her students and clients receive personal, guided attention from the heart to support them to mindfully delve inward toward meaningful self-study. Jayaprabha looks to impart the art of balancing the opening of greater consciousness with an attitude of patient, kind curiosity. Through the use of these inquiry, meditation, and yoga practices, she hopes that clients and students might taste the simple happiness, joy, and contentment that can emanate from the ground of being, and out of direct self-realization experience to fulfill their soul/life potential.

Zen inquiry-based meditation alongside silent sitting as taught by her teachers Adyashanti, Mukti, Charles Berner and Tich Nhat Hanh has been the inspiration and foundation of Jayaprabha meditation practice. Jayaprabha is strongly influenced by her guru Amritanandamayi's teachings, lifestyle and humanitarian efforts.  She has also trained with Elesa Commerse of The Deep Calm in general meditation as well as Yoga Nidra meditation. Jayaprabha has completed the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course with Sharon Gutterman and informally enjoyed Zen meditation at both The Providence Zen Center and the Upaya Zen Center.

In the Yogic tradition, Jayaprabha received her formal training and continues to study with Tias & Surya Little out of Santa Fe, New Mexico in the Prajna Yoga style. Her practice and teaching style is also highly influenced by her study with Ana Forrest, Jill Miller, Annie Carpenter, Rodney Yee, and the Kripalu yoga style. Jayaprabha has also had the great fortune to have sat with and learn from a number of additional national and international yoga and meditation instructors from around the world over the years.

Impassioned Offerings & Working with Jayaprabha

Jayaprabha began her journey with the Enlightenment Intensive Retreat process in 2004 during which time she participated and staffed in as many Intensives as she was able. Then, in 2009 she trained with Lawrence Noyes to be a master facilitator of the work and has been leading Opening Enlightenment Intensive Retreats ever since. Jayaprabha is a member of good standing with the Enlightenment Intensive Masters Association and is in the process of creating an in-depth training to teach others to become a master enlightenment facilitator.

Beyond the classes and retreats, Jayaprabha also offers private sessions that include yoga therapeutics, meditation and energy healing as well as spiritual, wellness, and life coaching. She utilizes in-depth training and experience in body awareness practice, healing arts, non-traditional therapies, meditation and yoga practices to support balance, healing and exploration in areas such as relationship enrichment, anxiety and stress reduction, emotional healing, releasing mental constructs, befriending yourself, full self-expression, life purpose, and self-realization/enlightenment.

Jayaprabha has a great love of singing and music. She often supports her private sessions, retreats and classes with singing bowls, vocal sounding and kirtan chanting. Kirtan is a creative expression of spiritual rhythms and classical Sanskrit chants shared in community with others in a call and response style. The devotion of love is palpable within the sacred sounds of each mantra, which can sweetly support the spiritual unfolding process.