Yoga Therapeutics with Jayaprabha

Yoga Therapeutics

with Jayaprabha

Our Yoga Therapy sessions are individually tailored to suit the needs of each and every person that is called into participation.  Your practitioner will be using hands, feet and elbows to apply pressure to important points along your energy lines.  This is combined with gentle stretching, muscle and tissue manipulation. To promote optimal conditions for the body to heal itself, you will also be guided through restorative and gentle yoga postures that best suit your current individual needs. Additionally, to further stimulate healing, breath work, guided meditation, and energy work are also offered throughout your personalized therapy session.


If you are looking to reduce stress, fatigue and muscle tension, boost immune function, lower blood pressure, enhance your digestion, improve attention, focus, and quiet the mind, then this therapy is for you.  One session will provide instant lasting benefits that remain for days thereafter.  Offer yourself the gift of Yoga Therapeutics today.

These sessions are done fully clothed, on the floor with props, bolsters and blankets.  Please wear comfortable attire that allows for easy movement without restriction, like you would for a yoga class or athletic activity.  Flexible fitted garments, like stretchy yoga wear, work really well!

Single Session - 60 Minutes: $115
Single Session - 90 Minutes: $164


3 Sessions - 60 Minutes: $285
3 Sessions - 90 Minutes: $405

5 Sessions - 60 Minutes: $425
5 Sessions - 90 Minutes: $625