Meditation Offerings

Meditation in the Greenhouse

This fall, Jayaprabha will be teaching three, four-week, themed meditation classes in the lush greenhouse at Pinehurst Garden located on 50 Pinehurst Rd, Bristol CT. The classes will run on Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm, and each series will cost $100 for the 4 weeks. These classes are great for all levels including beginner meditation students. Check out the details below for dates and descriptions.

How to Meditate: As Simple as ABC
September 20th - October 11th

The Grounded Center: Accessible for All
October 25th - November 15th

A Meditator's Guide to Destress the Holiday Season
November 29th - December 20th


Creative Expression Meditation

Come together to create a community-inspired, safe sanctuary, where we can explore ourselves creatively through a unique blend of meditative practices.  Our fun filled gathering may include: guided meditation, chanting, breathwork, musical movement, drawing, writing, and journaling.

Tuning into Your Purpose
Friday, October 7th

Exploring the Power of Gratitude & Compassion
Friday, November 4th

Self Care, Inside & Out
Friday, December 2nd

Moving Beyond "the Usual" Patterns
Friday, January 6th


Saturday Morning Meditation at VLC

Befriending Your Mind
October 8th - November 5th

Meditation to Dissolve Anxiety
November 12th - December 10th

Reshape Your Habit Patterns Through Meditation
January 7th - February 4th


Yoga Offerings

Yoga in the Studio

The yoga classes have moved to our Large Studio Building while the Main Center building will continue to be reserved for massages and private appointments.  The studio is spacious enough to comfortably social distance while our air filtration system and fans keep the airflow fresh and with continual turn over.


Our Monday evening, Thursday morning, and Saturday morning offerings are all Gentle Yoga Classes.  This class is designed for students interested in a slower, but equally effective, practice. You will experience gently held postures and breathing techniques that calm the mind, relax the body and improve joint health and flexibility. This is the class for times of high stress or low energy. It is great for beginners, seniors, and experienced students or anyone seeking a gentle and meditative practice


Wednesday night is home to our All Level Class which is structured to allow the student to experience different styles of yoga.  Modifications and enhancements are offered to bring in a fun and safe practice to suit the experience level and needs of all students.  This allows for the growth of both the beginning and experienced students.


Monday Evenings ~ 6:30pm

Wednesday Evenings ~ 6:30pm

Thursday Mornings ~ 9:00am

Saturday Mornings ~ 9:00am