Weekly Meditation

Meditation: Tuesdays & Thursdays 7pm

What to Expect:

1. Guided Meditation: Jayaprabha will lead you through a variety of meditation practices, including mindfulness, loving-kindness, and body scan, among others. Each class is designed to cater to both beginners and experienced meditators, ensuring a comfortable and nurturing environment for all.

2. Breathing Techniques: Learn to harness the power of your breath to achieve mental clarity and relaxation. We'll teach you techniques that you can apply not only during class but also in your daily life.

3. Stress Reduction: Unwind and de-stress as you delve into a serene atmosphere. Our meditation classes provide a relaxing space to release pent-up tension and anxiety, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and rejuvenated.

4. Community and Connection: Share your meditation journey with like-minded individuals. Our classes foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie, creating a supportive community for all participants.

5. Personal Growth: Discover a path to self-improvement and increased self-awareness. Meditation is a powerful tool for personal development and helps you tap into your full potential.


  • Location: We currently offer in-person classes and will be adding a virtual class option soon.
  • Duration: Each session typically runs for 60 minutes, making it easy to fit into your weekly routine.
  • Schedule: Our Weekly Meditation Classes are on both Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings at 7pm, allowing you to choose the night that suits you best.
  • Equipment: Comfortable clothing is recommended, wear layers to accommodate changes in body temperature and bring a bottle of water.

Why Choose Us:

At our Weekly Meditation Classes, we are committed to helping you find peace and balance in your life. Jayaprabha is skilled in the art of meditation and is dedicated to supporting your personal growth and well-being. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced meditator, our classes offer something for everyone.


Join us in the pursuit of mindfulness, self-discovery, and emotional resilience. Experience the benefits of meditation, and embark on a path to a more peaceful, harmonious, and fulfilled life.


Enroll in our Weekly Meditation Classes today, and let the journey to inner peace begin.

Your first two classes are free!

Text us at 860-479-0466 to preregister for an upcoming class.