Vital Life Center, a center of awakening consciousness, was established in 2008 with the intention to support people that are innately called to realize their truest self and maximize one's personal potential.


Our programming design will focus to gather a community of curious individuals with the inspired resolve to engage in self-study and transformative practices to align one’s life from the inside out.


Additionally, VLC looks to expand its Vital Life Initiative to mentor and support our community members to create meaningful projects that will have a positive ripple effect in the world.



Ongoing Yoga Offerings

-Preregistration is required
-Sign up online or call to use existing credits

Meditation at Pinehurst Farm: Continuing November 2022

Fun and exciting news! This fall, Jayaprabha will be teaching three, four-week, themed meditation classes in the farmhouse at Pinehurst Garden.

Saturday Morning Meditation at VLC: Continuing November 2022

Join us this fall for our Saturday morning Meditation classes. We have three enticing themes to choose from!

Creative Expression Meditation: First Friday of Each Month 2022

Connect with your center, find healing, clarity, and balance through creative expression as we embark on this solo journey together.

Opening Enlightenment Intensive Retreat: February 2022

How can you love something without knowing it? To know yourself directly is to be fully, and to love fully in the world, as you are now. Join us on a journey to strengthen the ability to stand in wholeness, flaws and all.

Private Group Meditation/Yoga Class

Gift a healthy get together for your friends, family, & coworkers. Set your time and design your experience!