Opening Enlightenment Intensive Retreat

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The Opening Enlightenment Intensive

Are you ready to delve into the life-changing, game-changing journey of direct self-knowledge, a shift out of the ego state into consciousness?  

To investigate the psychology behind your ego, your consciousness, and open to receive “the real me”?  

Sometimes it takes a great loss, terrible sorrow, or intense suffering before you reach beyond ego toward enlightenment, an illuminated awareness of self, a knowing beyond words. Sometimes, the call seems to randomly arise like a still, small voice from your quiet center. Either way, if you are ready for such a journey, then the Opening Enlightenment Intensive Retreat was created for you. 

This 5-day, 3-night retreat is based on a model developed by Charles Berner in the late 1960’s. Berner combined the ancient Eastern practices of meditation based inquiry with the Western technique of dyad communication, for an accelerated pathway toward spiritual revelation and personal fulfillment. Today, Enlightenment Intensive retreats are offered all over the world and 1,000’s of people have reported profound results from this unique method. 

The Enlightenment Intensive Retreat makes use of the koan, “Who am I?”. This riddle-like spiritually powerful question is both a yogic and Zen meditation that dates back thousands of years. Additionally, the retreat utilizes the Western practice of communication dyads. A communication dyad refers to two people who work together to bring about complete communication through open sharing and deep listening. This powerful process of open sharing and deep listening is the fuel that accelerates the effects of these ancient enlightenment practices. 

Throughout our 5-day journey, we will contemplate and communicate a koan as a means of moving beyond the ego and seeing directly into the nature of our being. Our time will include inquiry meditation, seated meditation, walking meditation, open sharing, and silent non-judgmental listening —creating a safe space to discover your innermost self. 

The retreat will be held in silence with the exception of dyads and sharing. There will be regular meal breaks, sessions for yoga/ gentle movement, rest, time outdoors, walking contemplations, creative expression through art, chanting, sound baths, and more. The retreat will close with time for integration and reflection.  

Your facilitator, Jayaprabha, is a member of the Enlightenment Intensive Masters Association and has been studying and practicing meditation and yoga since 1995. She creates a warm and supportive space to nurture your self-exploration and evolution.    

Join us.

June 2024


Friday, June 7th 4:30pm ~ Tues, June 11th 1pm


Vital Life Center, 100 West Main St. Plainville, CT 06062



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Register with a $250 deposit by April 15th to receive a $75 discount!

(Deposit is non-refundable/non-transferable to other services)

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Limited Amount of Partial Scholarships Available:

To apply for scholarship funds, please fill out the scholarship application using the link below.  Applications will be considered on a first come, first serve basis. We currently have a limited number of partial scholarships, and hope to serve as many people as needed.  Please submit your scholarship application on or before May 20th. We will get back to you once we have had an opportunity to review your submission.

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