Meditation/Energy Healing with Jayaprabha

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Come taste the meditative realms that allow your energy to harmonise on all levels of your being.

Allow Jayaprabha to use her years of in depth training and experience to guide you into a centering meditative state.  Then relax into a hand on energy healing session utilizing the chakra, vayu, and kosha yogic maps of the human subtle body.

This modality will help to soften the tensions in the body, quiet the mind, release stuck energy patterns to re-connect you with the  joy of your spirit.  

These sessions are done fully clothed, on the floor with props, bolsters and blankets.  Please wear comfortable attire that allows for movement without restriction, similar to a yoga class or athletic activity.  Flexible fitted garments, like stretchy yoga wear, work really well!


Once you purchase your session, give our front desk a call so we can get you scheduled in!