Zach King’s Page


Licensed Massage Therapist

Occupational Therapy Asst.

Reiki Energy Healer





Zach Welcoming in to Room

As a licensed massage therapist, Zach has been serving the community for the past 10 years. He is a masterful technician that excels at trigger point therapy and therapeutic massage, with continued training in Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitated Stretching (PNF), Acupoint Therapy, as well as Massage Cupping. Our clients enjoy Zach’s calming, friendly demeanor while he provides them with a deeply relaxing, healing environment.

Zach is committed to professional development as a clinician and is a graduate from the very competitive occupational therapist program at MCC as of May 2021

He has been enjoying Connecticut's lakes and hiking trails with friends. He also continues to foster his creative expression through painting, drawing, photography, gardening, composing music with his guitar, and writing. Keep on the lookout for his original wall tapestries displayed at VLC.

To learn more about Zach's artwork for sale, music, and books, click the button below.