Vasha’s Page


Cuddle Therapy Dog
Bringer of Joy
Very Good Girl

No Backgroung Vasha

My name is Vasha, and if you’re lucky enough, I might come over to greet you while you wait in our reception area.  I’m as sweet as pie, smart as a whip, and a very good listener... just ask my mom, Jayaprabha!  If you look at my back, you’ll see something that looks like a mohawk or a ridge.  That’s always there, and it’s where my breed gets its namesake; I’m a Rhodesian Ridgeback.  We were bred to help hunt lions in South Africa, but I’m just as happy playing with my chew toys and going for daily off-leash treks in the woods.

I love meeting everyone and I’ve been told I’m gentle and friendly.  Of course, there are those who aren't comfortable around dogs, which is completely understandable.  If that’s the case for you, the staff and I will do our very best to make sure your personal space is respected during your time with us at the center.

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Vasha Running Edited
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