Pregnancy & Motherhood

How is Prenatal yoga helpful?


Prenatal yoga offers pregnant women a personal experience of ease in their body, and mind at a time of profound and rapid change in their lives. Pregnancy introduces great physical transformation, emotional volatility, financial considerations, and relationship challenges. Many women make major life adjustments such as moving and/or changing jobs during pregnancy. It is no surprise that stress usually accompanies pregnancy. Prenatal Yoga is the perfect preparation for an empowered birth and smooth transition into mindful mothering by reducing stress in both body and mind and fortifying the spirit.

One of the primary ways in which prenatal yoga helps is its focus on awakening body awareness. Women learn to feel and observe physical sensations, thoughts, and emotions without judgment then compassionately release any tension that stress has created. With practice, intuition becomes heightened and fear dissolves. When labor begins, she welcomes it because she has cultivated the ability to listen to her body, trust its wisdom and allow even the unfamiliar birth sensations to move through her whole being without resistance. Another way in which prenatal yoga helps is its focus on the breath.

Contrary to traditional birth preparation classes that emphasize breathing as a distraction, prenatal yoga offers breath awareness as an entry point into the present moment. Women work with sensations by vocalizing with an open jaw on their exhale, making low, long sounds that resonate deep down in the pelvis. This is a natural way to cope with intense sensations through vibration. A third way in which prenatal yoga helps is its focus on balancing effort and ease even during a challenging pose. She discovers the possibility of letting go while exerting effort, exactly what is required for birth that flows like a river, fluid and powerful.

Prenatal yoga takes its influence from nature. Women relearn how to trust the intuitive wisdom of our bodies. This shift in perspective allows the ability to witness the waves of sensation without resistance. When we welcome pregnancy, labor, birth, and motherhood as we welcome the changing seasons, we recognize the wisdom of the earth as the wisdom of the feminine.

Baby and Me Postnatal Yoga

Baby and Me Yoga offers support to new moms post-partum, as they ease into the joys and demands of life with a baby.  This class is for mothers and their babies, from 6 weeks to crawling.  Motherhood brings with it many physical and emotional challenges.  This class provides a community to new moms, as well as a chance to nurture the connection between mother and child.  Poses will focus on gently rebuilding strength and balance after pregnancy to support the bodies return to pre-pregnancy composition.

Benefits of Postnatal Yoga with Your Baby:

  •  Stretches and tones the muscles of the back, abdominals and the pelvic floor
  •  Decreases stress, promotes relaxation and rejuvenation to increase energy
  •  Releases tension in shoulders, neck and back muscles
  •  Provides an opportunity to connect with other mothers
  •  Offers women a quiet space to nurture themselves and their babies
  •  Strengthens the connection between mother and baby

Baby and Me Postnatal Yoga:

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6-week commitment requested


Prenatal/Postnatal Mothers Massage

From the moment your baby is conceived, your body begins to transform and prepare for the miracle of birth. Mother Massage is an advanced form of massage therapy designed to support women from the first days of pregnancy through labor, and into motherhood with mindful care.


Your therapist has studied the physiological effects of each stage of pregnancy as well as the psychological changes. They are able to work with each woman on an individual basis to give you the support you need and the relief you crave from the demands of pregnancy and mothering in a sacred space where you can feel safe and nurtured.

Benefits of Massage:

  • relieves low back pain, joint pain, shoulder and neck tension.
  • improves circulation
  • reduces swelling in ankles and feet
  • relieve sciatic pain and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • decrease anxiety and depression
  • promotes the unique bond between unborn child and mother
  • helps soon-to-be mothers learn how to relax and breathe for the upcoming work of labor
  • Supports the body’s return to pre-pregnancy configuration

Massage Available : Monday - Friday 9am - 8pm & Saturday 9am - 3pm

By Appointment ~ 860-479-0466