Hey, my name is Liz! I have been a licensed massage therapist for about 2 years now. Before becoming a massage therapist, I was in healthcare as a CNA, which I still do part time. I needed to take a step back and have a less chaotic job after the impact that Covid had within the healthcare field.  Massage has made it possible for me to help people in a different way than healthcare always had. I have recently rediscovered my love for healthcare, however, and will be returning to school to become an EMT. Helping people is my passion and I hope to continue to do so for years to come.


Outside of work, I am a pretty easy-going person who enjoys the simple pleasures in life. I like to surround myself and spend time with friends and family and enjoy my animals. I like to enjoy the sounds of music and immerse myself in nature. I try my hardest to spend time

outside, specifically hiking through the woods, every day when my schedule allows. I have taken to filling my home with plants and rocks so I never have to go a day without some form of nature in my life.


I forever wish to strike a balance between chaos and calm throughout all aspects of my life, and find excitement in the new adventures that are awaiting me.