Jessica & Kids

Licensed Massage Therapist & Registered Yoga Teacher
Jessica took her first yoga class in 2004 and fell in love with how the movement of yoga asana felt in her body. She quickly found that the practice also supported her to break out of her shell, and allowed her to be more autonomous and self directed.

After years of practicing in 2010 Jessica found that yoga became a lifestyle, not just a workout.  She was called to further her study through meditation practice, self inquiry, yogic philosophies and other forms of bhakti yoga.

In 2011 Jessica began an apprenticeship under the guidance of Jayaprabha Mare and was granted her 200 hour teacher training certifcate in 2013.  Jessica has been fortunate enough to learn from a number of national yoga instructors and has been highly influenced by Todd Norian, Tias Little, and Ana Forrest

Jessica encourages her students to push into their edges, yet respect their bodies limitations.  She focuses very seriously on alignment and brings a lighthearted, fun atmosphere to the room striking the balance between focus and play.

In 2013 Jessica decided she wanted to offer more to her yoga students.  Wanting to expand her knowledge of the body and delve deeper into the holistic field she began to attend Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy.  “I believe that my yoga practice helped me to develop my skills as a massage therapist.  Yoga taught me how to intuitively work with the body and I bring that into every massage I give.”  Her specialty is a therapeutic full body massage that is customized to target specific needs and issues of each client.   Jessica weaves deep specific work along with long relaxing stokes in order to help the client achieve results in areas of concern but still leave feeling a sense of relaxation and connection to their bodies.  Whether it be recovering from injury, maintaining healthy muscle tissue or simply just to relax, Jessica is able to customize a session to help her clients to achieve their goals

In 2015 Jessica was graced with the arrival of her first child, Stella.  Working as yoga teacher and massage therapist gave Jessica a wonderful understanding of the pregnant body.  “Working with prenatal clients is truly my favorite.  I love helping them to connect with their newly changing bodies as well as the little life residing in them.”  The arrival of her second child, Leo, has only reinforced wanting to help support mothers in any and all ways she can during the amazing and trying time that is motherhood.

In 2018 Jessica opened Free Spirit Wellness.  It has been a labor of love and great joy to slowly but surely grow the business as a means to support herself and children in all ways possible.  While massage and yoga are the current focus, be prepared for future additions including gardening and homesteading, life coaching, birth doula offerings, homeschooling, and gentle-parenting mentoring.