Creative Expression Meditation

with Jayaprabha & Zach

We will come together to create a community-inspired, safe sanctuary, where we can explore ourselves creatively through a unique blend of meditative practices.  Our fun filled gathering may include: guided meditation, chanting, breathwork, musical movement, drawing, writing, and journaling.  All of which will be bolstered by inspirational themes, meditative teachings, authentic sharing, and deep listening.

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Tap into your higher self/calling, and enhance your sense of wellbeing, while surrounding yourself within a healthy community.  Connect with your center, find healing, clarity, and balance through creative expression as we embark on this solo journey together.

1st Friday of the month -

6:30 to 8pm


beginning October 7th

October 7th

Tuning Into Your Purpose

November 4th

Exploring the Power of Gratitude and Compassion

December 2nd

Self Care Inside and Out

January 6th

Moving Beyond “the Usual” Patterns

*Non-refundable, giftable, and if illness or emergency does arise, the credit can be used for a future creative expression meditation gathering

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