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The Opening Enlightenment Intensive

How can you love something without knowing it?

When you live your life unaware that you are conditioned into certain beliefs and habits that are not fundamental truth to who you really are, often these core beliefs and habits can hold you back in your ability to love.

Egos create the illusion that your opinions and beliefs make up who you are.  Although your ego strives to protect you, it can obscure your connection to the conscious awareness behind your thoughts. Without a direct connection to the consciousness of your being, chances are you will continue to be compelled to perfect, isolate, and feel unworthy and/or alone. Inquiring into the nature of  your consciousness and ego, stokes the possibility of a direct experience of your wholeness.

This realization strengthens the ability to stand in wholeness, flaws and all. It facilitates the  relinquishment of the endless strive for perfection, and assists in letting go of conditioned, reactive defenses. To know yourself directly is to be fully, and to love fully in the world as you are now.

Are you ready to delve into the life-changing, game-changing journey of direct self knowledge, a shift out of the ego state into consciousness?

To look at the ways you construct meaning and identity to yourselves?

To investigate the psychology behind your ego, your consciousness and open to receive “the real me”?

Sometimes it takes a great loss, terrible sorrow, or intense suffering before you reach beyond ego toward enlightenment, a deep sense of love and worthiness.  But sometimes the call seems to randomly arise like a still, small voice from your quiet center. Either way, if you are ready for such a journey then the Opening Enlightenment Intensive Retreat was created for you.

Join us.

September 2023


Friday, September 22nd~ Tuesday, September 26th


Copper Beech Institute, 303 Tunxis Rd, West Hartford, CT 06107


Tuition $383 + Accommodations


-Private Bedroom, Shared Bath - $500
-Private Bedroom, Private Bath - $1080


Click HERE to preregister at Copperbeechinstitute.org

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