Tarot / Energy Reading

Blended Tarot/Energy Reading

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The Interplay of this dynamic combo allows Stacie to use the Intuitive reading to compliment the energy healing or the energy healing to compliment the Intuitive reading as would best support the client in each session.

This complete immersion deepens and strengthens the healing power and insightful guidance of the two modalities. With a  combined session you will be better prepared to move beyond your  blockades and adverse habit cycles.  You will feel an immediate shift that supports your affirming steps forward on your personal journey.

Intuitive Tarot Reading

Receive in depth insight to your past, present, and future through an intuitive reading with Stacie. As an open channel, she will tap into your spiritual vibration, and utilize multiple modalities including traditional tarot to specifically divine what you need to know.

Through intimate and confidential communication, with care and understanding, you will explore the vulnerable and transformative space of revelation together.

This reading will help to bring forth clearer understanding and guidance providing you with tangible steps to take action going forward in your life.

In Depth Energy Healing

As an innately adept energy healer, Stacie will tap into your body's physical, emotional, energetic, psychological and spiritual vibration using the Usui Reiki: light hands on healing touch.

Through divine guidance, and Stacie’s own unique insight into the healing process, She will attune this healing session specifically to you with the sole concern of bringing balance, peace and vitality to the totality of your being.

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