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Kari Balicki - Plainville, CT

Kari Balicki

Yoga Instructor

Kari discovered yoga in 2001 during a time in her life that required her to juggle family obligations alongside a corporate job. She was pleasantly surprised to find that yoga could provide the powerful workout she was looking for, and in time Kari realized she had found something so much more. A unique practice that took her beyond the physical postures to a place of calm, improving Kari’s ability to become mindful, quiet internal judgment and allow her to just be, in a way she had never experienced before.

In early 2014 Kari was fortunate to take an early retirement from her corporate career. At the same time she was immersed in the experience of caring for her aging mom, after watching dementia rob her of her Dad, these people she so loved.  Given this shift in her life, Kari felt the pull to delve deeper into her Yoga practice. She then began the Yoga Teacher Training and apprenticeship program at Vital Life Center under the tutelage of Jayaprabha. She also began to attend workshops with National and International trainers such as Tias Little, Ellen Heed, Tari Prinster, and Karen O'Donnell Clarke with whom she studied the subtle body, yoga anatomy, yoga for cancer and chair yoga practice.

Kari continues to both deepen her personal practice and pursue education in yoga and the healing arts as a way of life. Although her original experience with yoga was rooted in power vinyasa, her continued training has given Kari the tools needed to also teach gentle, basic and chair yoga classes. This gives her the ability to support people of all ages and body types in the yoga practice. The ongoing process of learning is what provides the fresh insights that inspire Kari’s teaching. Healthy breathing, alignment, and balanced energy flow are consistent points of focus in her classes.  Students can expect to be supported by clear, instructive cuing and dynamic sequencing. Kari teaches and nourishes the hidden strengths of her students while challenging them to reach beyond their perceived limitations. Students leave her classes feeling enlivened and renewed.