STAFF Jayaprabha Mare DiBenigno

 Jayaprabha  Mare DiBenigno - Plainville, CT

Jayaprabha Mare DiBenigno

Meditation Teacher
Yoga Instructor
Spiritual & Life Coach

Jayaprabha Mare has trained, practiced and continues to live a meditative and yogic lifestyle for a little over two decades. Years of self-inquiry and observation have brought her to a realization of fundamentally how similar we all are. By compassionately embracing her humanness, a deeper connection to herself and a truer connection to others has arisen. Meditation, yogic and spiritual practices have assisted Jayaprabha Mare to open to experiencing things exactly as they are more and more, even difficult things such as deep rooted fears, faults, and failures. This growth of awareness has facilitated powerful transformative change allowing Jayaprabha Mare the freedom to more fully express herself in the world. All of this has led to the creation of the Vital Life Center through which she hopes to share the experience of simple happiness, joy and contentment that can emanate from the ground of being through the use of these practices.

Jayaprabha's teaching style exudes a grounded strength and a warm, loving awareness. Her students and clients receive personal, guided attention from the heart. With information and support, they open to greater consciousness and personal independence along with the ability to appreciate and live life on a whole new level.

“The more I become fully aware of myself, the more connected I become to the simple love and splendor of the full spectrum of humanness that we are.”
Mare DiBenigno - Owner/Director - Vital Life Center - Plainville, CT

Contemplation or inquiry meditation as taught by Charles Berner and Adyashanti has been the inspiration and foundation of Jayaprabha Mare's meditation practice. Jayaprabha Mare is strongly influenced by her guru Amritanandamayi's teachings, lifestyle and humanitarian efforts.  She has also trained with Elesa Commerse of The Deep Calm in general meditation as well as Yoga Nidra meditation. Jayaprabha has completed the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course with Sharon Gutterman and informally enjoyed Zen meditation at both The Providence Zen Center and the Upaya Zen Center.

In Yoga, Jayaprabha received her formal training with Tias & Surya Little in Prajna Yoga. Her practice and teaching style is highly influenced by both Tias Little and Ana Forrest. In addition she has had the opportunity to learn from a number of national and international yoga instructors including Jill Miller, Rodney Yee and Todd Norian.

A few times a year Jayaprabha leads an intensely transformative self-inquiry workshop called the Enlightenment Intensive.

Jayaprabha offers Spiritual and Life Coaching which utilizes non-traditional therapies, meditation and yogic practices to support balance, healing, and growth in areas such as relationships, weight loss, career goals, emotional healing and spiritual evolution. She guides and supports her clients to internally directed, conscious full living in all aspects of their lives.

Jayaprabha has a great love of singing and often includes vocal sound and chanting during her classes. She also leads kirtan chanting with her band, Jayaprabha and The Joy of Sound.