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~Meditation Offerings~


Befriending Your Mind ~ Meditation (beginner)

Drawing from research in neuroscience on meditation's ability to positively change the brain, this course will provide tools to honestly and compassionately relate with your mind. These techniques that reshape the brain will help to steady your mind, reduce stress, notice the positive, and heal painful experiences which promote a life of balance, peace and joy. Drop-ins are not permitted in this class.  

Foundations of Practice ~ Meditation (beginner)

This class is perfect for anyone new to meditation. It will provide simple, accessible techniques to foster the skill of conscious, sustained attention (presence) which connects us to equanimity and objectivity that allows for internal wisdom, happiness and peace. The focus will be to help you develop a personal practice suited to your personality and daily life. Drop-ins are not permitted in this class.


~Yoga Offerings~


Chair Yoga ~ Approachable for all bodies

You’d love to take a yoga class, but getting up and down on a mat is a challenge, you have limited balance or mobility, your knees are tender, or you are recovering from an injury,  come on over and pull up a chair!
Chair Yoga is an accessible form of yoga for any age group. In this class, we will use the chair as a prop to help modify the poses while maintaining all the benefits of yoga including: stress relief, increased energy, strength, muscle tone, balance, deepened breath capacity and overall health.
This class can also provide training for office workers to utilize at their desk, and is a great way to share a yoga class with a parent or grandparent. No previous yoga experience needed. Reserve your spot today! Drop-ins welcome, this is also an ongoing class! 

Gentle Yoga

The Gentle class is designed for students interested in a slower, but equally effective, practice. You will experience gently held postures and breathing techniques that calm the mind, relax the body, and improve joint health and flexibility. This is the class for times of high stress or low energy. It is great for beginners, seniors, experienced students - anyone seeking a gentle and meditative practice.

Yoga Basics

Yoga Basics  is an introduction to the building blocks of yoga, emphasizing basic postures, breathing techniques, and relaxation skills. This class promotes balance, flexibility, strength, and stress release. It’s especially good for newcomers to yoga or those who would like a refresher on the basics.

Family Yoga Fun

4 week series
This workship strives to promote positive interaction and shared fun between generations. Come bond with your family in a creative and nourishing way. Families will learn interactive yoga poses, dispersed through relaxing breathing exercises and mindfulness meditation techniques. Adults are invited to use this time to lighten up, de-stress and join the fun from the perspective of their inner child. No previous yoga experience required.

Beginning students with strong body awareness and athletic ability are invited to try and would be supported in, any of our yoga classes. Please contact us with any questions. It is our delighted intention to fully serve and support anyone interested in learning more about yoga and meditation.